Survey. Only a third of French people trust the executive to reform pensions


In an Ifop poll published by the Journal du dimanche, 66% of French people say they do not trust the government of Édouard Philippe to reform the pension system. Young people are a little more optimistic.

Only a third of French people trust the executive to reform the pension system, according to an Ifop poll published by the Journal du dimanche.

At the question "You personally, do you trust or not trust Emmanuel Macron and Édouard Philippe's government to reform the French pension system? ", 34% of respondents answered " trust " to the executive, according to this poll.

The most confident are the 18-24 age group (50%), the liberal professions and senior executives (49%) and the supporters of the Republic on the move (90%).

In contrast, 66% of those surveyed claim to have " not trust ", a particularly high rate among workers (82%), close to the National Rally (90%) and 35-49 years (77%).

Asked about the course of reform to follow, 41% believe that"There is no need for pension reform", 36% argue for "Extend the contribution period of assets" and 16% for "Increase the contributions of the assets". Only 7% lean for "Lower pensions for future retirees".

Lastly, 66% of those surveyed believe that in the universal pension / maintenance of special schemes arbitration"We must harmonize the various pension plans with the objective of having one and only one in the name of equality between contributors".

"Ckeep different pension plans »

Conversely 34% feel that"Retirement plans must be different, given the specific nature of certain trades or professions".

Edouard Philippe will launch Thursday and Friday a new phase of consultation on the delicate pension reform by receiving unions and employers. A process of "Citizen consultation" must then be launched in the fall.

In his report in mid-July, High Commissioner Jean-Paul Delevoye advocated the establishment, from 2025, of a "Universal system" merging the 42 existing plans. He recommended fixing a "Full rate" at the age "Pivot" 64 years with a discount / surcharge system.

Emmanuel Macron had created the surprise Monday by saying prefer "An agreement on the duration of contribution rather than on age" of departure, while asserting that " nothing " was "Decided" at this stage.

The survey was conducted on a representative sample of 1,010 people, using the quota method, conducted by self-administered online questionnaire from August 29 to 30, 2019.

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Survey. Only a third of French people trust the executive to reform

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