"Suriya" Reveals Visiting Japan for JTECS NEDO METI, Green Light Continues Investment Policy


Meet for the first time after the new government of both countries, "Thailand-Japan" discuss JTECS NEDO METI support the automotive industry, robotics, bio-car recycling. Together with supporting investments to connect SMEs with business partners in Toyama Prefecture

Mr. Suriya Roongruangkit Minister of Industry Said after visiting Japan on September 24-28, 2019 that the government and private agencies from Japan Paid a courtesy call on the Minister of Industry and the delegation Traveled to negotiate cooperation on industrial capacity development to support the volatility of the world economy in Japan

Mr. Toyonaka Atishi, President of the SME Support Organization of Japan (SMRJ) together with the group met to discuss the development of SME together through various activities, such as the development of diagnostics and the T-Goodtech project, which is creating opportunities. Allowing entrepreneurs in both countries to connect business in B2B format by using IT systems as well as organizing business matching activities between them.

In the past, the investment value from business matching of more than 300 million baht. Both agencies confirm to develop cooperation to increase business matching among each other. With the target set twice as before

From then, the Minister of Industry And the executives of the Ministry of Industry Participated in the MOU signing ceremony between the Ministry of Industry and the Japan-Thailand Economic Cooperation Society (JTECS) by Mr Takeshi Uchiyamada, president of JTECS and president of Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. Jime Kuwata joins JTECS to drive the automation and robotics industry in Thailand And the robot industry in Thailand Which is in line with Thailand 4.0 policy, including the development of SI or system integrators

The Ministry of Industry Targeting the creation of 1,400 SI systems in a 4-year period, the signing of which will be the starting point for the establishment of associations to support the development of the robotics and automation industry. Concrete in the near future

"Must thank the private sector in Japan Which has supported Thailand 4.0 policy of the Thai government as well as driving the economy with technological innovation as well By making Thailand the research and development center (R&D) in the Asia-Pacific region Including the introduction of modern technology for factories in Thailand. "

In addition, the Minister of Industry and the Faculty Participated in the discussion with Mr. Ishizuka Hioki-ki, President of the New Energy Development and Industrial Technology Organization of Japan (NEDO) about the ways to develop cooperation in the transfer of energy-saving technologies through various projects.

Such as a demonstration project for car wreck recycling that takes into account the industrial environment Sorting and recycling unused materials That is in collaboration with Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) and a project to demonstrate the use of renewable resources to benefit from the remains of electrical and electronic parts That has been signed MOU with the Department of Industrial Works (Ror.)

In both projects, technology exchanges between the two countries will be made to save energy by recycling parts / raw materials from recycling. Including creating new businesses In industrial systems Which will increase the investment value in the said business

In addition, discussions were conducted under the BCG policy, namely Bio Economy, Circular Economy and Green Industry, in order to develop the industrial sectors of both countries under the policy of energy conservation and environmental preservation sustainably.

And the Minister of Industry In addition, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan (METI) met to discuss about investment in Thailand. Meti said that the EEC project will be the core of industrial development in accordance with Thailand 4.0 goals, including electric trains. High speed connecting 3 airports together Japan is ready to cooperate fully in the infrastructure adjustment.

In addition, METI is ready to support attracting investment in automation and robotic systems. Meti has agreed and is pleased to be a leading investor from Japan. Came to study the readiness and opportunities for investment in Thailand in various areas such as the EEC by oneself.

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