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Studies in Canada do not guarantee finding a job in the country


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Despite the rhetoric from representatives of some Canadian universities, not everyone can find work after studying in Canada.

Go to Canada to get a job and a permanent resident status in the country? This is what is promised – often wrongly – some representatives of private universities, recruiting international students, according to the Canadian newspaper Globe and Mail.

The newspaper interviewed dozens of disappointed foreigners after studying at expensive private institutions in British Columbia and Ontario. "(They) hoped that their courses would lead to good jobs in Canada, but it was a waste of time and money because no Canadian company then agreed to engage them in their field of study." Many have even re-enrolled in another university course so that they can stay while waiting for a job.

Difficulties to work

Because working in Canada is not so simple. It is possible to have a job while studying in the country, but only part-time. The legal maximum is twenty hours a week (excluding summer holidays), if you study for more than six months on the spot.

To stay after college, you can apply for a post-graduation work permit (PGWPP), which allows to work temporarily in the country. Problem: Not all Canadian schools have the status of a designated educational institution, which provides this type of authorization. In British Columbia, only 24% of the academic institutions that recruit international students offer such courses. Globe and Mail.

People who are not eligible to PGWPP can still stay after graduation if they get a work permit related to a given employer. However, the procedure is more complicated: you must be sponsored by an employer on site who can provide a promise of employment. Canada is almost fully employed and is recruiting many skilled workers from abroad. But according to the sectors, the needs are not the same and a certain level of diploma is often required.

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