state of emergency on the east coast of the United States


The hurricane is approaching Fort Pierce, Florida (USA). It is unclear how many of these boats will withstand strong winds and waves in the marina. Here few boaters have managed to find a place on dry hold. This father and his son feel lucky to have found one for their boat too old to be insured. "It's a bit expensive, but your boat is safe, well, more than if it stays in the water", says Tim Russel resident of Fort Pierce, it is their last preparations before the storm.

It has been two days since this coastal town is preparing and barricades itself thoroughly. Doors and windows are closed against all odds. It is still necessary to be able to find big boards. This family has just closed firmly with wooden planks all the openings of their house and is now packing. They decided to leave to shelter the family. They leave their home with the hope of finding it soon intact.

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