By: Juan Luis Morales


Now it turns out that last Sunday night to dawn Monday, the pitcher of the Saraperos de Saltillo SERGIO MITRE assaulted a woman, “they say” that it was a “4” and that they blame their neighbor.

Too bad they think that way. They also blamed their neighbor, that migration personnel fell there at the Madero de Saltillo stadium to check that their imported players are in order with their stationery to work as foreigners. TOTAL the neighbor is in everything according to them.

The Vanguardia Newspaper of Saltillo Coahuila, was the one who gave the news that Sergio Miter had been arrested for assaulting a woman, and from there to social networks, they gave him push to spread the news.

Gentlemen of Saltillo can not cover the sun with a finger. Now a page called "Saraperos without censorship", has been criticized the newspaper Vanguard but not being able to call it yellow only for that note …

WHAT YOU PUBLISH a page called "Saraperos without censorship" directly to the newspaper Vanguardia and has been attacking the Monclova team with memes in social networks.

Sergio Miter, neither in the penitentiary, nor fired, total yellowness.

During the last hours it has transpired that the pitcher of the serape assaulted a woman causing her injuries. The detail is that it has transcended mainly in the Vanguard communications company, as well as other pages that the player is in the penalty and dismissed from the club.

Starting with the crime, it must be remembered that first there must be a trial and collect all kinds of elements (evidence) to make a link to the player and now yes, with an investigation folder the origin of the case can already be determined.

Another situation is that first in our country the innocence of the accused is presumed, then this company (vanguard) is seriously damaging a legal process.

If the player is guilty in the future, he will have to pay for his actions but for as long as he has to wait. We must remember the cases of Roberto Osuna and Julio Urías, it can be fixed long before a trial …

If Sergio Miter did it, he will have to pay his mistakes, nowadays the aggression against a woman or domestic violence in Mexico and the United States is very bad.

Well, it hurts for the Saraperos pitcher, since he was going through a good moment. He finished with numbers of 12-5 in won and lost with Saltillo and Los Tecolotes.

It will be a casualty that will affect the team that made a good season, when entering the party of the Play Offs, and that surprised everyone, because the ‘Green Ship’ was a squad that was assembled in two months …PEACE IN BASEBALL


By the time you, my kind reader, already have these lines in your hands, we will know who won the first game between the Steelers of Monclova and the ‘proud’ Sultanes de Monterrey.

A Play Offs that looks very even between both teams, because of the 12 games played by the two teams, they finished with numbers of 6-6 in won and lost, this season there was no dominance on the part of the regions.

In the first game he was announced to launch left-handed Héctor Daniel Rodríguez, without a doubt the best card of the call BLUE FURY and to this day the American Conor Harber will rise to the back of the shooting.

Tomorrow there is rest and on Friday the Play Offs start at the ‘Sultan Palace’ with Adam Quintana and Geno Encina. Some pitchers who will try to win at the Monterrey stadium, in this their great test to know what they are made of.

Of course, they will also need the great artillery of their teammates such as Chris Carter, Bruce Maxwell, Francisco Peguero and Rodolfo Amador who among the four produced a total of 439 plate races.

Monclova has a Line Up of fear because we add José Vargas, Erick Young Jr, Erick Aybar, Ricky Rodríguez, Alex Mejía, Noah Perio Jr, César Tapia, José “Chapo” Amador and the rest of the team, no doubt great artillery .

There is no other team more solid in the North, than the Steelers of Monclova and according to experts its pitching rotation is very even, but not the most outstanding … let's go to the Monclova stadium …GOD BLESS YOU


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