Source code of complete node and TON validator node released


The Telegram team just launched a few minutes ago the source code of the complete node and the validating node of the Telegram Open Network (TON) for the public beta of your blockchain.

Source code of the complete TON node released

Now we can mount our node to support the TON network or mount a validator node. All instructions are on the web

This means that the launch of Telegram Open Network (TON) is getting closer. We need to keep in mind that Telegram only has 54 days left to launch the projectOtherwise, they would have to return all the money to the investors.

The release of the complete node code means that everything is progressing as promised and that we are a few weeks after its launch, probably well before the deadline.

Do not worry about the design of the TON beta page, they are reserving the beautiful design for the official launch 🤫

TON: What is it?

TON is a new decentralized blockchain platform / application and developed by the Durov team. To perform this development Telegram raised 1.7 billion dollars from investors.

It is planned that the blockchain is integrated into the messaging application Telegram used by more than 200 million people.

Telegram plans to launch its native TON token (Gram) by the end of the third quarter of 2019 (surely before October 31 of this year). It is important to emphasize that It is not possible at the moment to buy this cryptocurrency officially, we recommend you wait for the official announcement in

Advances in TON Labs

The TON Labs team launched the website a couple of months ago, on this website they are making a closed beta of toolkits for developers.

A month ago I entered the closed beta program after requesting access and I had the opportunity to try the tools a bit above. TON smart contracts in Ton Dev can currently be made in C and in Solidity (A language used by ethereum contracts is well known to developers).

In these last weeks at least in the private beta chat in English the number of users increased considerably, one of the group members is working in a small business financial operations recorder that would use the TON smart contract system.

The possibilities with TON are virtually endless, you could plan to create for example a comment system that includes donation functions based on TON where users can make Grams donations between them, for this to work the developer would have to create a smart contract that allows them to do that within their platform.

We will be attentive to what happens in the coming weeks to be able to continue informing you on this subject. Personally I have a lot of hype to see the final result of all this.

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