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Everyone has dead in closets. All without exception. As he wrote Blas de Otero: "God is not saved here, he was murdered." Here only those who fall are angry, because there is no professional cyclist, unfortunately for them, who has never hit their bones on the ground. And the fall comes at the most unpredictable moment. And, as everywhere, there are some who are crazier, more unconscious than others. There are those who want it to rain, that the road is wet and the descent as dangerous as possible to bundle it, to organize enclosures and to turn the races upside down.

But there are things that are better not to do, because then what happens happens. And it is not enough to apologize for not biting your tongue at the right time or, incomprehensibly, for seeking an excuse for what everyone has seen. Neither are so bad, nor are others so innocent. When the affected is more media than the poor or unknown cyclist who has been ground by contact with the asphalt, what happens. Was what Movistar did wrong? It was possibly not the best image at a time when the flag of the 'fair play' in sport is raised, and for this reason the sponsor, on Friday night, asked that a small statement be distributed on social networks the one who apologized for the Movistar offensive when the first of the general had fallen (Roglic) and the fourth (Superman).

And went Superman the one who reached the goal of Toledo in anger because his teammates had been warming his head, in a platoon that did nothing but recriminate the runners of the Movistar, during the last kilometers of the Toledo stage, by the mess that was organized. For this reason, without biting his tongue, he launched accusations against Valverde and the squad of those who repented already at night, in the tranquility of the hotel and calmer.

Superman, like the Movistar, like the Jumbo, like everyone else, they have dead in the closets. Don't you remember Miguel Angel Lopez their attack in the last stage of the Tour of Colombia this year just at the moment they had fallen Quintana Y bland? Was it his best reaction, as a magnificent image of cycling and of Astana, his sponsor, to get involved with a spectator who had knocked him down on the last climb of the Tour? For whatever reason he had, he lost it all when he used violence and luck had, because there were reasons, not to be thrown out of the race.

Have you not been in this Tour Tony Martin, who left Friday in the happy fall, forcing the situation to the maximum in many descents and putting the squad in extreme situation? Remember that on the way to Ares del Maestrat the German runner, due to a maneuvering error, caused the fall that he sent home or to the hospital to Rigo Uran, Nicolas Roche Y Victor of the Party, three cyclists with the dorsal finished in one; that is, chiefs of rank, and that they had proposed to fight for a position of honor in the general. Did the squad stop that day waiting to know if they were returning to the group or leaving the race?

The story also recalls many cases that have subsequently had a barbaric significance in the outcome of races such as the Tour. In 1999, half a squad went to the ground, or to the sea, when there was a massive fall through the famous Passage of the Gois, a wonderful enclave that once in life must be visited. Were there cars that helped connect the injured cyclists? Not only that, but that day runners like Alex Zülle, then second in Paris, they lost the chances of winning against Lance Armstrong, who achieved the first of seven victories on his trip to nowhere.

The Movistar, which obviously could have saved all this debate, has in the history numerous situations in which they have left disadvantaged with their leaders lying down or cut by falls; between them and mainly, Valverde, which takes away all reason to criticism of Superman sorry I asked later.

The International Cycling Union (UCI) has very difficult to establish a regulation to determine when a squad should be stopped or not, when the movement of equipment cars between groups after groups should be authorized or not. It is impossible and surely there would always be controversy, especially by the fallen.

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