Sold out: the Volkswagen ID.3 reached 30,000 reservations before its presentation in Frankfurt


Lor that it was foreseeable finally it was fulfilled just a few days before its official presentation at the Frankfurt Motor Show: ID.3, the 100% electric hatchback and first member of the Volkswagen ID family reached 30,000 reserved units of its version of First Edition launch. This was confirmed by the German brand that for months has been celebrating the great reception that this product is having even before it is unveiled in its entirety.

Not in vain some of its managers already defined it as “the Golf of the electric” and that is that in May, when the reserves were enabled, in just 24 hours 10,000 units had already been commissioned, while in August, the figure amounted to 22,000 units To reserve a unit, the only requirement was to complete a form via the web and deposit 1,000 euros, on a total cost of around 40,000 euros in Germany for the intermediate version and 33,000 euros for the most accessible.

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Even so, the anxious ones will have to wait a few more months: the first units will be delivered by mid-2020, since production at the Zwickau plant (Germany) will only begin later this year.

The ID.3 is the first Volkswagen product to release the new MEB platform, developed exclusively for electric vehicles. In a first stage it will be available only with the special First Edition series, which will stand out aesthetically for having the mirror housing in metallic gray or white and specific logos.

On a mechanical level, although the specifications have not yet been confirmed, it will have a 204 hp engine, automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive. There are three versions in total (Pure, Range and Range S), while the launch edition will also have three variants, called First Edition, First Edition Plus and First Edition Max, which will be differentiated by the capacity of their batteries, being 48, 62 and 83 kWh. In all cases, the load power will be 125 kW. With the reservation, customers will be able to access the intermediate version –from 420 km of autonomy-, while the most accessible and the top of the range will begin to be sold towards the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021. In addition, for customers of the First Edition, the Wolfsburg firm will fully reimburse you for recharges during the first year – with a maximum of 2,000 kWh – at all public charging points connected to the network.

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