Soccer players leave Cuba team in Canada


Cuban soccer players ANDOrdan Santa Cruz and Andy Baquero, they abandoned the selection of Cuba in Canada, columnist Henry Morales reported.

The columnist indicated that they are also added Alejandro Portal, Orlendis Benítez and David Urgellés.

This would be another blow to the Cuban national team, who has been losing soccer players since 2002 during international events.

Baquero and Santa Cruz, 26, were part of the historic
team that qualified in the 2013 U-20 World Cup in Turkey.

In that selection were also Portal and Urgellés.

The Havana and the Cienfueguero, gave the face in the Games
Central Americans from Veracruz where they were about to beat Mexico, but
They were third parties.

IN OTHER NEWS: Soccer players leave Cuba's U20 team in the US

It is speculated that the players would go to territory
American, where it is expected to be inserted, in due course, in football
from the United States and explore other opportunities.

Major League Soccer can be your future, although the age
It is something that plays against them, however everything is possible.

Other defections of Cuban soccer players

In July 2019, six Cuban soccer players left the U-23 Cuba team in New York during the dispute of an international match.

The Cienfuegueros Serguei Campillo, Jansiel Blanco, Ansel
Armenteros and Adrián Darcourt, Matanzas Yosniel Alberto González and the
Spirituano Eduard Puga, left the delegation on a scale in New York.

This confirms the terrible moment that football is going through
Cuban, hit by a wave of negative results. In addition to mass leakage
of their talents and the inoperance of the leaders.

The Cuban Olympic team left the island a little more recently
of a week towards El Salvador, where they had to make several matches of
preparation for the Caribbean tie. Also, there they would look for the
US visa to enter Virgin Islands.

The road map, although time tight, was very
well defined and, in theory, would allow Cubans to arrive without major
complications to the headquarters of the regional tournament, qualifier for the
CONCACAF pre-Olympic.

Cuban Reduction for the World

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