sign of relaxation between the United States and China


The White House has made a move: tariffs on $ 250 billion worth of goods produced in China and imported into the United States will be raised only on October 15. According to the timetable of the Trump administration, this increase (from 25% to 30%) should have taken place since October 1st. But the US president reconsidered the increase, saying he did not want to spoil the 70th anniversary celebration of the People's Republic of China. It was at the request of Chinese Vice Premier Liu He, that Donald Trump postponed the introduction of these new customs taxes by two weeks. Liu He is also expected soon in Washington to conduct new negotiations on a trade agreement. It is therefore in sign of "good will" that Donald Trump has postponed this new increase. This trigger was triggered by China's cancellation of tariffs on 16 categories of products imported from the US: pesticides, animal feed, pharmacy … Exemptions until September 16, 2020. By However, the country continues to exert strong tariff pressure on agricultural products (soy, pork), whose US suppliers are also voters of the US president.

The latter did not say anything about the introduction, in mid-December, of the customs tax on almost all Chinese imports (540 billion dollars). Donald Trump still keeps a few cartridges to put pressure on China, although the US economy is beginning to suffer from trade tensions between the two countries. A quarter of US companies doing business in China fear a drop in revenue this year.

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