She miraculously survives a 5000-foot drop


A 30-year-old woman realizes how lucky she is to be alive after miraculously surviving a 5,000-foot parachute drop three weeks ago in Trois-Rivières.

Lylianne Loyer was on her third jump of the day when her main parachute did not deploy properly, on August 10, around 6 pm.

"My parachute opened, but very small. He did like an egg and was all mixed up. It opened tiny, which made that I really went fast in the sky, "she says.

She was following a course that consisted of jumping to 5000 feet of altitude (1524 meters) to learn how to maneuver the parachute sail, and had managed her first two jumps in a series of five, at a company of parachuting of Trois-Rivières, Mauricie. She was on her 44th career solo outing.

Paratroopers normally jump at 12,500 feet (3810 m).

Mrs. Loyer started the emergency procedures when she noticed the problem with her first parachute. To make matters worse, the emergency did not unfold properly either and he stayed in a bag.

Despite the vertiginous fall, she did not have time to fear death.

"I was really scared at the moment, but it was going so fast. I did not have control, "she explains.

She remembers seeing the trees arrive, then nothing.

The woman from Joliette, in Lanaudière, who has lived in Quebec for the last few years, spent two weeks in intensive care in Trois-Rivières, including six days in a coma.

She suffered head trauma and had to be operated on the brain. The doctors have removed a piece of skull they have not replaced for the moment. She must therefore keep a hockey helmet permanently on her head.

Six vertebrae on his back were damaged, including one that exploded. She has to wear a corset to limit the movements of her spine, but she can take a few steps. She had no fractures to her arms or legs, but was injured in a kidney and spleen, and both her lungs sagged.

Mrs. Loyer realizes a little more each day how well she is doing, despite the pain.

"I'm really lucky to be alive. It's a miracle, "she says.

She is now out of intensive care and is hospitalized in rehabilitation at the Jewish Hospital in Laval. She can speak, read and write. She has her whole head since the medication has decreased.

The doctors predict that she will be in rehabilitation for three months.

The miraculate does not expect to have serious permanent damage, but it is not tomorrow the day before it will jump again parachute.

"It was a passion. Since it's been a year since I parachute and something happened to me like that, I think I'll take a good break, "says the thirties.

Three weeks after the tragedy, Ms. Loyer can not say precisely why her parachutes were misplaced. A police investigation is underway on this subject.

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