Sergio Busquets surrenders to De Jong and Fabian


Sergio Busquets is meeting with the Spanish national soccer team to play the Eurocopa qualifying matches. The Barcelona soccer player spoke at a press conference on various topics, but one of the most striking was when he talked about Frenkie de Jong and Fabian.

"Equal players are never there. They are two great players. They are very young, with a lot of present and future. They will be the best in their position" were his words about these two players, both his teammates, one in Barcelona and another in the selection.


He also talked about various other current affairs in the Spanish National Team at the press conference, such as Sergio Ramos and the goal debate. About Captain Ramos, he said that "It's a brutality, in his club and the national team. He has been, is and will be one of the best in the world. It is a pride for us to play by his side." As for the goal debate, he didn't want to add more fuel to the fire, and said that "It's up to the coach, who chooses. We have three great goalkeepers who are very important in their teams."

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