Serbia hit Puerto Rico and remain undefeated


The Serbs continue to ratify their favoritism in the World Cup event

EFE | WUHAN.- Serbia he fulfilled the logic and, in his fourth performance in the world, endorsed his third beating to a selection of Puerto Rico inferior from beginning to end and who did not know how to stop the powerful inner game of the Balkans, one step closer to the fight for metals (90-47).

The current runners-up, rivals of Spain on Sunday, already have a foot and a half in the quarterfinals and are thrown for their great goal, the World Cup gold. After knocking Angola down 46 points, they beat the Philippines 59 and 15 Italy. His last victim was, this Friday in Wuhan, a weak selection of Puerto Rico.

As expected, the Serbs bet from the beginning to assert their highest height and searched without concealment in the area over and over again to Boban Marjanovic. The pivot imposed its wingspan without opposition under hoops, allowing the initial takeoff against a Caribbean team that, although it tried, could not get into the game.

With eight points of the new Dallas Mavericks player and another five of Stefan Birjevic in the equator of the first quarter, Eddie Casiano was forced to ask for a timeout, when he was 15-4 against the first exchange.

His players reacted shyly in attack with two consecutive baskets, but still could not stop a Marjanovic who wrote down everything that came to him. Serbia did not need to pull its artillery from triple and it was enough to put balls in the paint to take the first quarter with solvency by 23-14.

Gian Clavell inaugurated the second with a distant launch that seemed to lift his spirits, but the other Serbian NBA tower, Nikola Jokic, was responsible for returning the Caribbean to reality shortly thereafter.

To make matters worse, triple three of Nemanja Bjelica and Marko Guduric paved the way for Sasha Djordjevic's men (33-17, min 14).

The Puerto Ricans were missing an offensive reference. Only Isaiah Pineiro contributed points but the baskets came with droppers and the Balkans followed their own, at that point helped by the outside success they lacked in the first ten minutes.

Two new Bjelica triples threw the curtain on a first half that ended with the maximum advantage of the first twenty minutes (49-26) and left the clash on track in favor of a team that swept the rebounds (24-11) and had achieved half of his points in the painting.

Serbia followed its own in the resumption, moving the ball with skill and making the audience enjoy their basketball. In front, Puerto Rico was trying but its drought in attack was beginning to be alarming. His baggage in the first five minutes of the third act was summed up to a single basket in play.

Without continuity in their game, nor weapons to stop the rival pivots or combat the success of their outer men, at least two mates from Devon Collier arrived who encouraged the Puerto Rican attack, which did not prevent the difference from continuing to increase until the end of the third act (71-39, min 30)

As has been happening in the games of Serbia, the last ten minutes left little for history because they lacked emotion. The new exhibition of the fearsome Balkan team came down from the cloud to a selection of Puerto Rico that arrived in Wuhan with its goal met and is now forced to win Italy on Sunday and expect other results to avoid a more than probable elimination.

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