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Samsung It is still in the middle of the evolution of blockchain technology and that is why it has recently revealed new details of its smartphones Klaytn Phone. These devices have technology that makes them compatible with blockchain and are the new development of Samsung. The construction of these devices is in the hands of the Korean giant in collaboration with Ground X, a subsidiary of the chat application giant Kakao. The devices will be powered by the Klaytn blockchain platform of Ground X.

The phone Klaytn It is a special limited edition tablet-phone Galaxy Note 10 recently released (phablet), with two phone versions Klaytn of your version Galaxy Note 5 Plus also available: a 256 G model and a 512 G version. As reported, the main difference with the normal version of the device is that it comes with a cryptocurrency wallet and blockchain applications installed.

According to a dedicated website for devices, Samsung says the phones come with five Klaytn DApps (decentralized applications) preloaded.

The dapps are:

  • Digital content provider Piction Network
  • Shopping platform WomansTalk
  • Dining dapp Haemuk
  • Beauty platform Fitsme
  • Mobile video platform Antube

The devices also have a wallet Klay built-in token of Klaytn. Kakao previously announced that Klay will be listed on the exchanges operated by the main South Korean stock exchange, Upbit, later this month. Klaytn will send 2,000 Klay tokens to customers. However, it is not clear what the value of these currencies is in fiat money.

The phone only seems to be available to South Korean users at the moment, and is only compatible with the national network of SK Telecom. A purchase link now navigates to an e-commerce platform operated by Ground X. The basic model sells for $ 1,044.78, the 256G is priced at $ 1,169.05 and the 512G costs $ 1,251.94 USD.

On the other hand, Samsung has revealed that its blockchain wallet will soon be compatible with Klay. Meanwhile, Samsung's biggest competitor, the American giant Manzanahe said recently that they are «Observing the cryptocurrency» as "It has an interesting potential in the long term."

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About Klaytn blockchain

Kakao presented its new creation, a blockchain named Klaytn. They claim that their platform is up to 15 times faster than Ethereum. Klaytn's development and deployment work is under the control of Ground X. Among the technical details that are known about Klaytn are that its block mining takes only one second to complete.

Thanks to its speed, Klaytn achieves 300 TPS (transactions per second), while Ethereum can do 20TPS. Obviously, this is a significant difference and reduction in transaction time, which is achieved through a «sacrifice»Of decentralized components of the Klaytin blockchain system, as explained.

Kakao subsidiary CEO Han Jae-sun said that this would be the initial version of a mobile blockchain service and that "With the reduced response time, many projects that we thought were unfathomable could eventually come true."

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