'Sak Siam' repeats 3 airport railroads that will definitely happen – showcased if successful as a masterpiece 'Big Tu'


"Sak Siam" repeats the electric train connecting the 3 airports to be sure After the EEC meeting passed the casting show, if successful, raise the masterpiece "Big Tu" compared to the period "Pa Prem" with "Eastern Seaboard" in the period "Prayuth" have "EEC"

On September 30 at the Government House Mr. Sak Siamchitchai, Minister of Transport Gave an interview after the policy meeting of the Eastern Special Development Zone Committee (KorPhorThor) that the meeting resolution today Agree with the results of the negotiation under the framework of inviting private investment (RFP) and issued a letter to the employer to sign. Which will have the condition that How will the delivery be? The first year as soon as signing, 70 percent After that, the relevant departments regarding the migration of public utilities Which has a period of 18 months, must inform whether or not to finish But if not done We also have the opportunity to extend the time. Without giving compensation But trying to finish And this must be done immediately The small board of this story will oversee In truth, he had already discussed it. Only did not do anything officially. After the joint venture group, Charoen Pokphand Holding Company Limited and CPH were able to bid, he had to take various risks. Spontaneous Which is according to the RFP

When asked if he had agreed to this issue without any problems Mr Sak Siam said that there is nothing more Have to wait and see on October 15 where CPH will sign the contract When asked if there would be nothing to delay the signing again Mr Sak Siam said that we have fully negotiated in accordance with the RFP framework. Therefore, it is a matter that the employer must issue a letter dated the date of signing the contract. Which is a normal principle in proceeding with the state

When asked whether the Prime Minister was particularly concerned about this matter or not Mr Sak Siam said that the prime minister only said that Go and see carefully that the plan is to deliver the area. Ask to take action that will not be a private burden. But at the same time, if there are really limitations We then extend the time not to adjust. When asked about this, the government tried to facilitate the private sector to the full. Mr Sak Siam said that the government actually wants this to be successful. Not only the high-speed rail connecting the 3 airports, but also everything in the Eastern Special Development Zone (EEC) as well. Therefore, these will give foreign investors confidence.

"This matter must be achieved. If the first company does not There is still a second company. But we still think that there is no need to reach the second company Should end at the first company Because everything is fully negotiated We hope everything goes smoothly. Because this project is an important project of Thailand And if this project is successful, it is considered a masterpiece of the Prime Minister, not mine. If compared, during the government of General Prem Tinsulanonda, there would be an Eastern Seaboard project. But during the period of Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-ocha and Minister of Defense There will be an EEC project. Therefore, it is considered the work of the prime minister, "Mr Sak Siam said.


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