Russian lawyers claim that 200,000 BTC lost on Mt. Gox can be recovered


The Russian law firm Zheleznikov and Partners proposed a legal action in Russia that should allow its lawyers to recover up to 200,000 Bitcoin (BTC) lost in the fiasco of Mt. Gox.

Recover losses on behalf of the victims of Mt. Gox

On September 12, in a question and answer session with Andy Pag, a former BBC journalist, the Moscow law firm presented its proposal to recover about USD 2 billion in BTC on behalf of the victims of the piracy of the now disappeared exchange Mt. Gox.

The lawyers of Zheleznikov and Partners believe that thanks to the close cooperation with law enforcement, they can recover up to 200,000 BTC by taking legal action against Russian citizens who obtained the stolen money. The Russian legal team noted that some of these people have already been identified, but added:

"We want to make it clear that we still do not know the identity of all people. We have strong reasons to believe that their identities will be revealed by the police investigation that gathers the existing information, but we hope that once the criminal case is initiated, they will be presented quickly. and offer compensation to the victims. "

The law firm will charge creditors up to 75% of the amount recovered

This proposed recovery of stolen BTC coins is not cheap, since the law firm wants to charge creditors up to 75% of the amount recovered. The Russian legal team adds that the company will only accept payment in case of a successful recovery.

The disaster that was Mt. Gox

Cointelegraph previously reported that Mount Gox maintains its infamous part of Bitcoin's history as the largest cryptocurrency exchange that sank into a cloud of confusion and anger. In February 2014 the exchange began to capitulate slowly, ending in bankruptcy of the company. Mt. Gox stated at the time that almost 750,000 Bitcoins of its customers, as well as 100,000 of its own Bitcoins, had been stolen. The total loss constituted about 7% of all available Bitcoins, with a value of around USD 473 million at that time.

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