Russian interference in the United States: the CIA exfiltrated an agent who implicated Putin


According to this informant, whose name has not been revealed, Vladimir Putin directly orchestrated the Russian interference in favor of Donald Trump.

The United States exfiltrated from Russia in 2017 a senior Russian official who confirmed that President Vladimir Putin personally orchestrated Moscow's interference in the 2016 US election, US media reported Monday.

This person had been working for the Americans for several decades, had direct access to Vladimir Putin and provided images of documents photographed in secret on the president's desk, according to CNN.

The most valuable source of the CIA in Russia

This agent was exfiltrated from Russia in 2017 for fear that US President Donald Trump or his administration will betray him in one of their untimely revelations of classified information, also provides the news channel.

The CIA had proposed to her source to get her out of Russia by the end of 2016, but she refused on the grounds of family problems, he added. New York Times. The US secret service then began to fear a double agent, fears that proved unfounded several months later when the source gave way.

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The informant, whose name has not been disclosed, has proved to be a key source of information for US services, who have concluded that Vladimir Putin directly orchestrated Russian interference in Donald Trump and at the expense of his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, continues the Times.

According to the New York daily, the informant also directly implicated Putin in the hacking of the mail server of the National Democratic Committee, which had revealed a huge amount of embarrassing messages for the Clinton camp.

The exfiltered agent was, according to Times, the most valuable source of the CIA in Russia and its flight from the country prevented US intelligence from knowing the Kremlin's activities during the mid-term elections in the United States in 2018, and during preparations for the 2020 presidential election .

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