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Although she could not enter the field in the matches that the Peruvian national team disputed in the World Cup Argentina 1978, Roberto Mosquera retains stories of that tournament that transcend the sport. The former technician of Cristal, Aurich and Alianza Lima He returned to Lima a week ago after two seasons in Bolivian football. Amid some reflections on indisciplines in national teams, Mosquera recalled that afternoon when he decided not to greet the president of a country.

-Teacher Mosquera Do you deny that there was an indiscipline in Sporting Cristal before the final of the Libertadores in 1997?

No, it was not true. Now I hear that it is even said that at the 78 World Cup there were women in the hotel. I don't know why we lack so much memory with this false information. I have heard each former partner say nonsense that I still do not understand.

the same Mosquera He mentioned a world championship on which anecdotes have been created and recreated that, on occasion, have exceeded the ability to imagine. However, the former coach of Royal Pari and Wilstermann -Today with many possibilities to reach the Binational Sports-, was encouraged to rebuild an event around that party Peru-Argentina where there are more myths than truths.

– Do you remember what was the first thing that Argentine President Jorge Videla told them when he entered the dressing room of Peru?

It is true that Videla was the dressing room, but I never wanted to shake his hand. I was only 22 years old. He (Videla) stood in front of the team, began to say some rant and I went to the bathroom. The team leader, who was a military man, put me a hundred dollars fine. I told that man "I do not raise my voice that I am not military, I do not shake hands with genocide." I had family in Buenos Aires and knew how they had been attacked and even killed a distant relative. He was young but he knows very well what was happening in Argentina at that time. He did not have to greet that man.

From that 1978 World Cup, the good memories of the task against Scotland or the tie with Holland will remain; also the reproaches for the bulky 6-0 win against Argentina. Roberto Mosquera could not start in any of those matches, however after 41 years, in the living room of his house, he offered us the details of a game that was not played on the grass. And that he feels he won.

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