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Rises and falls in fuel prices

The price of gasoline in its two presentations (super and regular), will fall this weekend, while a slight increase in the cost of diesel is projected, expressed sources of the different oil companies operating in the country.

Super and regular gasoline will have a drop of 13 and 78 cents of córdobas per liter, respectively.

Meanwhile, the cost of diesel increases by approximately 20 cents per liter.

Super gasoline will be priced at 32.52 córdobas per liter ($ 0.97), if it is taken into account that it currently has a cost of 32.65 córdobas.

Regular gasoline that currently has a cost of 32.95 córdobas per liter with the reduction that oil companies are expected to apply will go down to 32.17 córdobas ($ 0.96).

Diesel will be the only fuel that will suffer a rise and from this Sunday will set its price at 28.96 córdobas per liter ($ 0.86). It is currently priced at 28.76 córdobas per liter.

“Of the 36 weeks that go this year, due to fluctuations in the international reference prices of these products, there have been fourteen lows and twenty-two increases in regular gasoline, fourteen lows and twenty-one rises in super gasoline, thirteen lows and twenty-two increases in diesel, ”said the Nicaraguan Energy Institute (INE) through the General Directorate of Hydrocarbons.

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