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Hundreds of people cheered the coach of the Peruvian team

After the friendlies in U.S before Ecuador and Brazil, the technician of the Peruvian national team Ricardo Gareca visited Chachapoyas to accomplish a series of activities.

The first, on Friday, was to participate in the "Evolution of Peruvian Soccer" conversation at the 'Florentino Ordinola' Coliseum, where he was also recognized as an illustrious visitor by the provincial mayor's office and the regional government of Amazonas.

Upon arrival and departure from the Colosseum, the 'Tiger' Gareca He received many samples of affection from the locals.

For this Saturday, the coach of the Peruvian national team He is scheduled to participate in the closing of the Olympics of the 'Toribio Rodríguez de Mendoza University' and then visit Bagua Grande.

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