Real Madrid-Levante The best Madrid also suffers


It was one of those rare days when market failure was celebrated in the field. Because with those who were and with those who returned (James), Madrid offered the best symphonic version since Zidane returned and, however, was unable to save himself the final fatigue. It was a meeting of all for all, full of solidarity, defensive seriousness and good organization spoiled by lack of aim and lack of forcefulness. At the top of the pyramid were Benzema, the true differential fact of the team, and James, who soaked his reconciliation with the technician in sweat. By the time Militao and Hazard debuted, Madrid had already lost its charm and reliability.

In football there is nowhere to hide the weakness. And in Madrid it has been evident for a long time because the team looks undressed in the center of the field after spending the summer making room for the impossible of Pogba and stunned back. So rival after rival trace the plan: put thorns at the exit of the ball. But when Madrid orders and pulls patience the torrential game that appeared, almost by surprise, appears this time for a while.

The Bernabéu has been such a strainer in recent times that emboldens visitors like never before. Also to the Levante of the three plants, which wanted to take the front, including sides, to the edge of the Madrid area. To this he believed that the lack of ambience of a poorly populated Bernabeu would help him under the threat of cold drop in the sky and on the ground and the lack of new faces that regenerate the mood. Because Madrid, for the third time in this League, appeared outbound without signings. Hazard did not want to squeeze Zidane when the clarines of the Champions already sound.

But the team, this time, He walked above the fans, the weather, the collateral damage of the FIFA virus and even the prospects. Starting with the defense, which included preseason, he had conceded goals in all matches except against Salzburg. This time he was taken care of at the beginning of the inattentions and was also favored by the good synchronization of the team after loss. Madrid recovered soon and near Aitor. And in that 4-2-3-1 lived comfortably Kroos, a footballer who tends to accommodate, but this time he accepted the hierarchy that he assumes successfully in his National Team.

Benzema, superstar

And finally Benzema appeared, who has been drowning the team's penalties for more than a year and that he has found the goal after thirty. Before making his double he had demanded two stops of great merit to Aitor. There was no need to miss Bale, a player with more goals than affections.

It was clear that talent was not in question but organization. Madrid was, for a time, a chorus in pressure and in creation, a team that did not break away and went to the Levante with sufficiency. A Levante that last year won here with another mood.

On the other side, everything went well: Casemiro covered and arrived, Lucas Vázquez was the model multipurposeJames found a great refuge as a midfielder and gave Benzema a goal and even Vinicius was unraveling his game as the minutes passed.

In fifteen minutes Madrid seemed to curtain the game, with two goals from Benzema of nine cigars (one head and one with a skilled left-hand shot) and another from Casemiro, which the morning gave up to reach the small area. The service was from Vinicius, in one of his few starts on the right.

Mayoral's goal after the break seemed only a break in the gale of Madrid. Benzema sent a ball to the post, Vinicius was annulled one goal after three minutes of VAR deliberations and forgave another and Hazard greeted the Bernabéu with a great play to which Aitor removed the goal tie. By then the Belgian was on the left, Vinicius on the right and the Levante with a rear end of four and Roger on tip. In short, a game with more spaces, a treat for James. But also a party that was poisoned with the departures of Casemiro and Ramos, reckless decisions, and with a header from Melero that Courtois tolerated, decisive shortly after at the head of Vezo. Madrid ended badly, decomposed, scared. Not even in the best days can the Bernabéu be removed from the Valium.


Enis Bardhi (55 ', Nikola Vukcevic), Hazard (59 ', Casemiro), Eder Militao (59 ', Sergio Ramos), Gonzalo Melero (67 ', Oscar Duarte), Roger (67 ', Rochina), Jovic (82 ', Benzema)


1-0, 24 ': Benzema, 2-0, 30 ': Benzema, 3-0, 39 ': Casemiro, 3-1, 48 ': Foreman, 3-2, 74 ': Gonzalo Melero


Referee: Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea
VAR Referee: Javier Estrada Fernández
Casemiro (28 ', Yellow) Lucas Vázquez (39 ', Yellow) Vezo (79 ', Yellow) Clerc (89 ', Yellow

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