Prices of airline tickets to the United States at their lowest level


A study of the comparator shows that the average price of a round-trip Paris-New York has dropped below 500 euros.

The profusion of competing airlines operating transatlantic flights has reduced the cost of travel to the United States to its lowest level. This is the conclusion of a study of the price comparison, study relayed by BFMTV which highlights the role of low cost companies in this accessibility of the offer.

Paris-New York less than 500 euros

A round trip between Paris and New York, the most visited American city (13.6 million tourists in 2018), costs on average less than 500 euros in 2019, almost 100 euros less than in 2016 (593 euros).

The most important drop concerns flights to San Francisco: -46% between 2016 and 2019, from 755 euros the round trip on average to 405 euros. The other popular destination in California, Los Angeles, has seen a sharp 31% drop in the price of flights from Paris (from 673 to 469 euros).

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To the usual operators of transatlantic flights, Air France, Delta or American Airlines, have added in recent years low cost airlines, Norwegian, Level, XL Airways, soon French Bee, as well as Corsair and its daily connection from June 2020.

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