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Polaroid has presented Polaroid Lab, a pocket photo lab. On the outside it looks like a photo printer like the hundreds that exist in the market. But it is a completely different product. Polaroid Lab does not scan photos or print them: it reveals them on photographic paper.

If you are under 25 and you are not fond of photography, you may have never gone to a photo store to reveal your photographic film, and you will not even know the Polaroid brand. But 30 years ago revealing photos (getting a paper copy of the camera film) was as usual as uploading your photos to the cloud today.

Polaroid was, for several decades, one of the world's most popular camera and camera manufacturers. Their instant cameras were especially popular: you took a photo, and you obtained it in a few seconds on paper. That technology has been applied to Polaroid Lab.

As we have commented, Polaroid Lab It does not print the photos of the mobile, nor does it scan them: it reveals them. In other words, converts photos from digital to analog, and transmits them to paper through a chemical process.

You must place the smartphone on top of Polaroid Lab with the photo you want to reveal showing on the mobile screen. Through a series of mirrors it transmits the light of the image to a photosensitive layer of the photographic paper, where it is revealed. In a way it is a system similar to the traditional traditional development system, but the photo is on the mobile rather than on a reel.

But not everything is nostalgia. Paper photos contain an augmented reality code. You can assign a video associated with the photo, and when you point the phone to the photo, the video will be played.

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Polaroid Lab appeals to nostalgia, but also wants to attract young people who keep thousands of photos in the cloud, or on hard drives or micro SD cards, which they may never see. Revealing your favorites is a way to remember them forever.

Polaroid Lab It will go on sale in October at a price that will be around 130 euros To this we must add what the photographic paper costs, which has not been disclosed. You can book with a 10% discount on their website.

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