PMA, retreats, "yellow vests" … How the executive prepares for the explosive comeback


Edouard Philippe and his government. – Tristan Reynaud / SIPA

  • A government seminar is scheduled for Wednesday.
  • PMA, retreats … Several explosive files await the executive for the return.
  • Mobilisations against government reforms are already announced for September.

A return to power. Emmanuel Macron and the government have already made their first cabinet meeting on August 21st. But the calendar should accelerate a little more this week.
A government seminar will be held Wednesday to "address in depth the timing of reforms," ​​while several potentially explosive issues await the executive. Emmanuel Macron already warned, at the end of July, that he did not believe
"Not at all that which, at one time, creates the sincere anger of a part of the population is behind us".

"Do you know a political return that is not at risk?" Quotes François Patriat, patron of Senators La République en marche. The job of the executive is to ensure that there is no overspill, that the challenge becomes total and frontal, which it is not today. The slogans of the season are therefore lucidity, vigilance, pedagogy and action ", summarizes this close to the president.

"You have to be more careful"

There are two files that focus the attention of the majority members: the pension reform and the pension reform.
bioethics law. "These are the two big projects of the season. There is a risk of dispute because they are sensitive subjects. But it is not necessary that it makes back the envy of reform of the majority of French, "says Valérie Gomez-Bassac, LREM MP Var.

The head of state asked his ministers to keep "a lot of determination" to reform the country while having "the constant concern for consultation and respect of different stakeholders." A "new method" intended to illustrate the act II of the five-year period outlined by Edouard Philippe during his general policy speech on June 12th. "We went quickly to the start, perhaps at the expense of a certain dialogue. I do not feel that the unions have been overshadowed, but we must be more careful, show that we want to work with the French and not against them, "adds the spokesperson of the LREM group in the Assembly.

"Since the" yellow vests ", we are in a phase of listening and taking into account the opinion. The characteristic of this comeback, it will be to stop playing defensive, to continue to do pedagogy because say "it was in the presidential program", it is not enough, "abounds Bruno Bonnell, LREM deputy of the Rhone.

In this perspective, the social partners will be received in Matignon Thursday and Friday to clear the controversial pension reform, while a process of "citizen consultation" is to be launched in the autumn. But FO and the CGT have already called to go down on the street, respectively 21 and 24 September.

A massive return of "yellow vests" in the streets?

The bill on bioethics, whose flagship measure, the extension of medically assisted procreation (PMA) to all women, must be examined by the end of September by the deputies, could also lead to social mobilization. Several associations are already calling for demonstrations on October 6th. "The Manif for All, Common Senses and other associations will try to mobilize, we have heard them and we will audition them again. These subjects require calm and attention, but I believe that society is generally in favor of the bill, "says MP Macronist Didier Baichère,
 member of the special commission. "I do not believe in opposition so strong as that. And the PMA is important for us in this season, because it is a marker on the left, which allows us to reposition in this at the same time, "says a member of the majority. Farmers, emergency workers, civil servants … Other hotbeds of protest could also poison the government's return. After strikes in early summer, the high school reform
remains a hot issue for the Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer.

Less active during the summer, the "yellow vests" also promised a "black September" to the government with a
new day of action already scheduled from September 7 to Montpeller (Herault) for "act 43" movement. "The" yellow vests ", it will never end, it is back in the political DNA in France, admits Bruno Bonnell. Today, there is this new component. At first, we were surprised and in the reaction, now it will be necessary to be more pedago and in the action ".

Faced with the difficulties, François Patriat insists on the positive signs of the summer: the fall in unemployment and the revival of
popularity of Emmanuel Macron. "I do not doubt his ability, not to rebound, but to convince the French. His successful G7 is a good example of what he will produce for Act II of the Five-Year Plan. "



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