Pele went to see how my Mexican team played: Ricardo La Volpe


Facing the duel of Mexico before Argentina, the Toluca technician, Ricardo La VolpeHe talked about the current national team in command of his countryman Gerardo Martino, but in the end he ended up praising the Tri he directed.

In an interview with Marca Claro MVS, La Volpe At first he pointed out that the current representative was the best in history and even that he had Juan Carlos Osorio, but the rotations hurt him.

"For me if. You have to recognize it and I don't say it right now because Martino is working this cycle as I did to meet more players at the local level; That is perfect because there is more follow-up, there is more collective work, those who are outside already know, but what is inside if the outside is not at its best level or is injured, ”he said.

However, he was asked if the selection he directed was the best and that was where he began to praise his Tricolor, even highlighting that figures like Franz Anton Beckenbauer, Michel Platini Y Edson Arantes do Nascimento (Pelé) went to see how Mexico played with La Volpe.

"In a collective work, I suppose yes (it is the best) because after 2005, we demonstrated in the Confederations Cup to beat Brazil, Japan and then we lost in penalties and we did not go to the final with Argentina 1-1, then in time Supplementary in a great match against Germany. ”

"One saw what Beckenbauer, Platini, Pele himself said; many people who went to see how we played and I talk about a collective work of a team that went very well playing, that defended very well and we had a lot of time that prominence and transition of ball and then, finally we did not go to the fifth game and they were right, but nine players went to Europe, ”he presumed.

La Volpe He also answered the question of whether his selection would have been better if he called Cuauhtémoc Blanco for the 2006 World Cup in Germany. "I do not doubt that yes. At that time I think I focused more, and I always say the same thing: I never discussed the quality of Cuauhtémoc. I went more for the system, the way to play and take player by player, where I am missing this one I take to this but always on a game system. "

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