Pedro Troglio's advice to Maradona that causes a stir in Argentina


Buenos Aires, Honduras.

The Argentine coach Pedro Troglio del Olimpia has caused a stir in Argentina by leaving a tip to nothing more and nothing less than the star Diego Maradona.

It turns out that Maradona is a strong candidate to lead the gymnastics club of La Plata, team where he succeeded today the strategist of the Olympic table.

It should be noted that Diego had a knee operation, so today Pedro Troglio, with whom he was a partner in the Argentine national team, He has asked him to assume the position of the La Plata Gymnastics bench.

"Your energy can do everything. Do not hesitate, "wrote Pedro Troglio in his official Twitter account so immediately these words have generated various comments in Argentina.

Maradona directed for a year the Mexican club Dorados, of the second division. Then he returned to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to devote more time to his health and perform knee surgery.

According to the press, he planned another operation on his left shoulder, after being operated in 2017 in Dubai where he directed the second division club Al Fujairah SC.

Assuming in Gymnastics, Maradona, 58, would meet a first division team that goes through a bad run and is in the relegation zone.

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