open a stable day and blue exceeds $ 60


Already in the weekly average, the dollar opened stable and quotes at $ 53 for the purchase and at $ 57 for the sale on the board of Banco Nación, at the same closing values ​​as yesterday. For its part, in the parallel market, The value amounts to $ 61.

Three days after the implementation of the stocks, in the banks of the City of Buenos Aires, the American dollar down about 30 cents at an average of $ 58.57 seller and $ 53.33 buyer. Meanwhile, the highest prices do not fall below $ 59: the foreign currency is sold at $ 59.70 in the ICBC and $ 59.64 in the French.

In the wholesale segment, the US currency follows the trend and is trading at $ 55.90. In the previous round, the US currency closed at an average of $ 58.48, with an advance of seven cents compared to the previous close.

On the other hand, the Argentine country risk decreased 3.8% and stood at 2,434 basis points, according to the index prepared by the J.P. Morgan

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