Ohana Poke House plans to expand traditional Hawaiian food throughout Spain


This franchise revolutionizes the gastronomic sector with the “Fancy Fast Food” concept: fast and healthy food.

Having triumphed with its first location in the famous Chueca neighborhood, Ohana Poke House now offers the possibility that entrepreneurs and those interested in the gastronomic sector can take fast and healthy traditional Hawaiian food to any corner of Spain. Thus, this franchise focuses its cuisine on poke, a dish originally from Hawaii that has become a global gastronomic trend. In fact, according to a recent study published by Just Eat, home delivery of Hawaiian food grew by 5,000%, being the poke one of the most demanded dishes.

This restaurant makes the healthy fashionable through an attractive slogan: “Healthy is the new sexy”. The 100% customizable “Poke Bowl” has become a benchmark for healthy food, and is the star dish of Ohana Poke House. A business that has a wide and varied menu consisting of fresh and healthy products. For all tastes, for all ages and for all dietary requirements.

In addition, Ohana Poke House breaks with the homogeneity of the market in its style and decoration. Thus, freshness and joy are values ​​present in each of its corners. The pink color present in all its walls breaks with the predominant blue in poke trend environments. A nod to the feminine and the two businesswomen behind this business, Isabel Ortega and Annabella Evangelho. Two women with extensive training, with more than twenty years of professional experience in the sector, and who have worked with renowned international chefs.

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