No, Lionel Messi's son did not celebrate a Betis goal


An analysis of the sequence of the game on August 25 shows that Mateo, son of the Argentine wheel, did not celebrate somewhat against, but a game action.

Lionel Messi with his sons Mateo and Thiago watching the game between Barcelona and Betis, on August 25.Screenshot

A video that supposedly shows Mateo, one of the three children of the Argentine star Lionel Messi, celebrating a goal received by Barcelona, ​​has been shared by thousands of users on social networks. Although the sequence is real, the child reacts to an offensive action by his father's team and not to a score by Betis, a rival team that day.

The images, which began circulating on August 26, 2019, show Lionel Messi accompanied by two of his children in the western tribune of the Camp Nou, the stadium of the Football Club Barcelona, ​​during a match between the Catalan team and the Real Betis de Sevilla on August 25, 2019, for the second day of the Spanish League. Sharing a seat with the Argentine star and his family are Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez and one of his sons.

Both players watched the game from the stands for being injured.

In the sequence the group directs its attention to one of the arches and a collective lament of the fans in the stadium is heard. However, Mateo, the youngest of Messi's children, raises his arms in celebration and Suárez seems to recriminate him by the gesture.

According to several accounts that have spread the video, in Spanish and English, the images show Mateo Messi celebrating a goal from Real Betis, Barcelona's current rival, his father's team and Suárez.

"Not even Judas was as treacherous as Matthew Messi celebrating a play of Betis”, Says one of the pages that the video shared. But it is false. Actually, the images were recorded during an offensive action by Barcelona.

According to one of the narrators of the YouTube channel, Vida Blaugrana, who published this sequence the day after the game, the images show the boy celebrating a goal from Barcelona “That really wasn't" Hours later, the administrators of the channel explained again in a message on Twitter that “Mateo Messi does not celebrate the goal of Betis, it is the occasion of Carles Pérez [Barcelona player] that goes out for a bit, he thinks he has entered, so he raises his arms"

AFP Factual was able to verify that the sequence was not recorded during either of the two goals that Real Betis converted in the match, which finished 5 to 2 in favor of Barcelona. Only the first goal of Betis was converted into the northern arch of Camp Nou, located to the left of Messi and his companions in the recording.

In a summary of the game published on the official website of FC Barcelona it can be seen that the sound that the public makes after this goal of the visitors is longer than that heard in the viral sequence, so the viral images do not They can correspond to that game action.

In conclusion, it is false that this viral video shows one of the sons of Barcelona's top star, Lionel Messi, celebrating a goal against his father's team. Actually, the boy celebrated an offensive action by Barcelona, ​​mistakenly believing that he had finished in goal.


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No, Lionel Messi's son did not celebrate a Betis goal




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