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Admit it, neither you nor I expected what you are about to read. The Nissan Versa 2020 stop being the ugly duckling of the brand in Mexico to become a sedan that, in fact, you would like to buy: a subcompact that takes care of design, handling, finishes and that arrives with an unprecedented level of safety in its category. Yes, you read that right, security. We had it to test.

Blur and new account … as a brand

The transformation of Versa goes beyond the mere evolution of a model. That today we talk about Nissan's interest in excelling, even in the subcompact segment, is a reflection of its change of strategy as a brand: stop being the one that only sells cheap cars – and austere – to become a technological pioneer.

Nissan Versa 2020 Mexico 6

The care of that new image starts from the Versa 2020 design, which goes as far as it can from the unfortunate strokes of the past generation. His new face fuses the style of European Micra with the character of Maxima. The front line is a chrome V and black mask, which extends to the sides through the headlights, which are now LED. To the center? A logo that is not really a logo: it is a radar.

Nissan Versa 2020 Mexico 11

The new top of the range, called Platinum, incorporates a good amount of the driving assistances of the Nissan Intelligent Mobility portfolio, such as frontal collision alert, autonomous emergency brake, blind spot monitor, rear cross traffic alert and 360º vision camera. And yes, all that is already for the model with Mexican specifications.

All versions carry ESC and 6 airbags. The top of the range includes autonomous emergency brake and blind spot monitor.

Nissan Versa 2020 Mexico 3

The security It had been one of the most criticized points of the previous Versa, but Nissan wants to shake its past mistakes through this new generation. All versions, including the most accessible, include ABS brakes, electronic stability control and six airbags as standard.

Nissan Versa 2020 Mexico 18

An infinitely better finished cabin

Between interior of the Nissan Versa 2020 and from its previous model it seems that there is more than one generation involved. The perception of economic car, full of rigid plastics and square pieces, fades into a very successful selection of materials. The upholstery in – something similar to – light leather covers areas of the dashboard and doors, in addition to the seats. Eye, because it looks good, but it seems easy to get dirty.

Nissan Versa 2020 Mexico 24

I will not say that the Versa 2020 is the new reference in its category in terms of finishes, because the Mazda 2 is a sedan difficult to unseat, but it is placed at a very high level. There are still pieces of rigid plastic, however, the final result of the combination of leather, lacquered finish and chrome parts is very pleasant.

Within the great work of the cabin there is an element that separates: the front armrest. Instead of placing it in the form of a central storage console, Nissan simply opted for a piece similar to that of airplanes. Functional, but unattractive.

Nissan Versa 2020 Mexico 26

The interior space is, perhaps, the only thing that this new generation will envy of its past. The cabin is still wide for the segment standard, but the vagaries of the design were at the cost of a slight cut of headroom in both rows and a drastic reduction of legroom in the rear bench; They are 15.2 cm less to be exact. The trunk remains competitive, with a capacity of around 420 liters.

Nissan Versa 2020 Mexico 16

Equipment with little place for reproaches

The 2020 range of the Nissan Versa in Mexico It is composed of four versions, with reverse sensor from the base, infotenimiento with 7 ”screen in the second and navigation from the third. The maps show points of interest, and the interface, without being the most advanced, offers compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Nissan Versa 2020 Mexico 23

According to versions we will find LED headlights, smart key, 360º vision camera, light sensor, fog lights, wheels up to 17 ”, automatic climate control, among others. The best, and I repeat, is that all carry 6 airbags, ABS and stability control. What perhaps was left to me was the cruise speed control, which for some reason – perhaps its incompatibility with the new assistance – is no longer offered.

Nissan Versa 2020 Mexico 25

Like Kicks, it already includes an almost completely digital instrument cluster. Only the speedometer is analogous. The display shows information about the music player, the phone, the driving assistance, the trip computer, some system settings or the tachometer. Very complete.

Nissan Versa 2020 Mexico 2

At the wheel is comfortable and better insulated

The Nissan Versa 2020 keep putting comfort above all. In essence we are facing the same platform, although with numerous adjustments that improve ride quality. The suspension is now less bumpy and fits the road irregularities better.

Nissan Versa 2020 Mexico 21

Where I perceive the evolution most is in the direction, which is now much faster, more precise and lighter … even in extreme situations. In a closed circuit we perform tests of slalom and moose, and the direction, even with its artificial touch, did not harden excessively or was blocked: it helped complete the maneuvers without much difficulty.

Nissan Versa 2020 Mexico 15a

Suspension improvements also helped. To the limit, Versa feels light and its rear axle follows the path marked by the front wheels. This without their assistance would be impossible. I am pleased that Nissan finally realized the importance of electronic stability control.

Nissan Versa 2020 Mexico 22

Everything in this car shows clearly designed for the city. This new generation uses the version of 1.6-liter Kicks engine, the 118 hp and 110 lb-ft. The automatic transmission is CVT, without being exactly the same as in Kicks. Nissan reprogrammed it to improve the staging of the simulated changes and get a better use of engine power. It also has a Sport mode hidden in the back of the lever.

Nissan Versa 2020 Mexico 8

I must say that for urban purposes, the box complies. It is definitely better than the four-speed automatic of the previous generation, although I am not sure that it is more effective than a six-change automatic or that it is the most refined CVT. What is a fact is that this engine, with this transmission and in this chassis is for those who seek comfort in everyday life, but not much spark. When talking about consumption, we average around 12 km / l in town. Not bad.

Nissan Versa 2020 Mexico 5

The Nissan Versa 2020 is a rival to beat

When I told you that you would not believe how interesting the new Versa was coming, it was no clickbait: It was a truth that even I still have a hard time believing. I'm glad Nissan wants to claim and that he has done what no one imagined with this Versa. I recommend it? Very much.

Nissan Versa 2020 Mexico 14

Between your rivals list We will find Volkswagen Virtus, KIA Rio, Honda City, Mazda 2, Hyundai Accent and Toyota Yaris R, who will face with arguments of better quality, a level of safety at the height and, for those who want to pay it, the option to driving assistance that were only offered in the United States before.

Nissan Versa 2020 Mexico 7

At this point you are sure to wonder what will happen to Nissan's low range of sedans. The previous generation of the Nissan Versa will remain in the marketWhat is still unknown is whether it will retain its same name, if it will receive more equipment or if it will change its image. Soon we will leave doubts.

Nissan Versa 2020 Mexico 15

The Nissan Versa 2020 arrived at our garage before its launch, so its prices They are still kept under lock somewhere in the brand's offices. We estimate a price range between 240,000 and 330,000 pesos. In a couple of weeks all the information will be released.











In favor

  • All versions carry 6 airbags and stability control.
  • The top of the range includes autonomous emergency brake.
  • Interior finishes improve a lot.


  • It is now less spacious.
  • The front armrest sins of simple.
  • It does not replace the previous Versa.

Nissan Versa

Nissan Versa Platinum

$ 330,000 (estimated)

  • Engine: 4 cylinders of 1.6 liters
  • Maximum power: 118 hp
  • Torque: 110 lb-ft
  • Transmission: CVT automatic
  • Traction: Lead
  • Brakes: Disc / Drum
  • Weight: 1,237 kg
  • Maximum speed: N.D.
  • Front suspension: Independent McPherson type
  • Rear suspension: Torsion bar
  • Length: 4,496 mm
  • Trunk: 422 liters
  • Consumption in the city: 11.9 km / l
  • Road consumption ': 17 km / l
  • Combined consumption ': 14.8 km / l
  • Tank capacity: 41 liters
  • Made in: Mexico

'Figures announced by EPA

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