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Neymar trains in a field on the outskirts of Paris. (Free Press Photo: EFE)

Neymar trains in a field on the outskirts of Paris. (Free Press Photo: EFE)

The German coach did not say that the Brazilian, who was about to return to Barcelona in the last transfer market, will be eleven. “We have him in the group, that's for sure, I need to come back, ”he said.

“I am convinced that he will give everything to help us reach our goal. And our first objective is to win Strasbourg in the Park of the Princes. Also considering that Neymar is suspended for the start of the Champions League on Wednesday against Real Madrid, ”added Tuchel, who met with the crack of Seleçao in Thursday's training and said he planned to talk to him again Friday evening.

Neymar, who has just arrived from a concentration of his team in the United States and played 30 minutes on the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, he trained with the Parisian group on Thursday when he had the chance to stay in the gym to recover from the time change, the German said.

Beyond observing Neymar's performance in case of playing, the spotlights will point to the reaction of the public, especially from the ultras of the Park of the Princes, who had launched chants of the "Neymar get out" type, in the resumption of the championship on August 11.

“I understand that all fans don't be happy right now but I can't influence his reaction, control the fans. The only thing I can control is my team, ”he replied.

Neymar He hasn't played with the Parisian shirt since May 11 against Angers in the French league and chained successively suspension and injury, in addition to being separated from the group at the end of August pending a clarification of their situation.

FC Barcelona, ​​its former club, which had sold it for 222 million euros to Paris SG two years ago, iHe tried in vain this preseason to recover his former player.

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