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New York and six other states of the United States, in addition to the capital, are advancing in an antitrust investigation against Facebook to determine if "it has suffocated the competition and puts its users at risk," the New York state attorney general announced Friday. York, Letitia James.

"The research focuses on Facebook's dominance in the industry (of social networks) and the potentially anti-competitive behavior that results," James said in a statement, adding that he will scrutinize the use of user data and increase Prices of advertising spaces.

First official US antitrust action UU.

The first against one of the so-called companies of Big tech, although a historical case had been addressed to Microsoft in the 1990s.

"Even the world's largest social media platform must follow the law and respect consumers," said James.

"We will use all the research tools at our disposal to determine if Facebook's actions may have compromised consumer data, reduced the quality of consumer choices or increased the price of advertising."

Earlier this year, the US Department of Justice. The US said it would launch a "review" of the main online platforms to determine whether they have stifled innovation or reduced competition. It was not immediately clear if the states would work in coordination with federal officials.

Facebook, by far the largest social network, in the past has claimed that it is not a monopoly and that consumers have many options on how to connect with people online.

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