New virus detected in Google Play applications steals money from its victims


The new Trojan was found in 24 Google Play applications. Photo: Omar Marques /

A new Trojan virus that can not only steal users' personal data, but also their money in real time, has been detected in 24 Google Play applications.

According to an article published last Tuesday in the Medium portal, the virus has been called Joker, and was detected by the analyst of malware from CSIS Security Group, Aleksejs Kuprins.

It is estimated that about 37 countries, including the US, Argentina, Brazil and Spain, may be affected by the virus.

The virus is intended to silently enroll users in premium subscription services and thus steal them up to $ 7 per week, as detected by Kuprins in the case of Denmark.

Kuprins stressed that it is difficult to notice the existence of these subscriptions unless a user is very diligent in verifying their monthly credit card statement. In addition, it is reported that 'Joker' can steal the victim's contact list and information about his device.

The Google search engine has already removed the 24 applications from its store, but Kuprins warns about the importance of reviewing the transaction history, as well as paying close attention to the list of permissions to which one or another 'app' has access.

(With information from Russia Today)

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