Nelson in the Bahamas: there are 43 dead by Hurricane Dorian and there are thousands missing


While Hurricane Dorian continues to punish the east coast of the United States, new data continue to be known about the disaster that caused its passage through the Bahamas. Nelson, The CorrespondentHe traveled to Grand Bahama, one of the most affected islands in the region, and witnessed the bleak scenery in which its residents are. According to official information, the fatalities are already 43, while the missing amount to thousands.

The journalist's visit to Grand Bahama was possible for only 10 hours, given the lack of basic resources such as water and electricity. Meanwhile, access to the neighboring island of Abacus, which suffered the total destruction of houses, hotels and pensions throughout its territory, is not possible since it is located completely flooded.

As Castro could tell, the authorities expect that after the descent of the up to two meters of water that flood the island, the corpses of hundreds of people They have been missing since the beginning of this week.

Dorian's devastating effects on the Bahamas were due, in part, to the lack of preparation. "No one imagined the scale of what happened. People who live there are accustomed to hurricanes, but nobody anticipated their strength, "the journalist explained, adding:" It also happened that there was a space of clarity that gave the idea that the danger had passed. However, it was a 20 or 30 minute interlude in which many were neglected and were surprised. "

Another determining factor was the long period of time that the phenomenon remained on the region: 36 hours. In this regard, the experts consulted by Nelson, The Correspondent, They said they had never seen a hurricane last so long.

Workers cleaning the terminals of the Freeport airport in Grand Bahama (Photo: EFE / EPA / CRISTOBAL HERRERA).
Workers cleaning the terminals of the Freeport airport in Grand Bahama (Photo: EFE / EPA / CRISTOBAL HERRERA).

Faced with the desperate situation, the Government of the Bahamas thanked the many humanitarian aid shipments and called on tourists. "A great help for us will be the visits to the islands unaffected of the Bahamas. They are open, "said Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Tourism and Aviation, Ellison Thompson.

For Bahamas, tourism accounts for half of the gross domestic product, of 5.7 billion dollars, according to the Bahamas Investment Authority. However, as a result of the Dorian crossing, a still undetermined number of rental properties, hotels and other residences for tourism were strongly affected.

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