National on alert for two new injuries for the classic against DIM


Atlético Nacional prepares to face a new edition of the classic Antioquia next Sunday against Independiente Medellín that arrives in the middle of the chaos after the departure of Alexis Mendoza and the arrival of Aldo Bobadilla in an atmosphere of negative results.

Although Nacional lives a stable moment in the Colombian championship, he seeks to lift his head after his fall in the Eagle Cup against Tolima Sports and a bittersweet draw in the classic against Millionaires. For the mentioned match Nacional recovered Daniel Bocanegra, but still with very sensitive casualties.

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Alexis Henríquez will have approximately three weeks of recovery and Daniel Muñoz will not be available for the classic, although he would return to the competition in the rematch against Tolima. However, sand have added two new injured that will miss several games with the cast ‘Purslane’ and worries coach Osorio.

The first one is the Alberto ‘Tino’ Costa steering wheel. He suffered a foot injury and will lose about three weeks: "Have a muscle injury small in one of the muscles that move the big toe of the left foot. Yesterday he had a resonance and his disability is expected to be two to three weeks"explained doctor Nelson Rodríguez.

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The other sensitive casualty that has just been confirmed in Nacional is another midfielder, the young man Cristian Moya who has had minutes this season with Osorio: ”Moya had a strong tear in a right adductor training, has an inability to seven weeks”Lamented the medical department of the green cast.

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