Moreno admits that he would give up his job if Luis Enrique wanted to return


The current absolute Spanish coach, second during the Asturian stage, took the reins of The Red after the resignation, for personal reasons, of his partner. Recently he admitted that he would be second again if he wanted to return.

Robert Moreno reached the national team as the right hand of Luis Enrique, who had already counted on him in his passage through AS Roma, Celta de Vigo and FC Barcelona, ​​having a second stage in the Galician team but in support of Juan Carlos Unzué . After a course in Balaído, I arrive in July 2018 to return to work with the Spaniard.


Gijón's was absent in March, when Spain visited Malta (0-2), to do so again in June, where it would defeat Faroe Islands (1-4) and Sweden (3-0), claiming personal reasons. With the passage of time the reason was known, coming to death is Xana daughter, at age nine, because of an osteosarcoma.

Both the technician and his relatives will need some time to recover from the tragic news, but at a press conference he was already asked about the possibility that his partner could return, to which he replied:

"Right now it's a very recent situation that you have to respect and you don't think about it, but if Luis Enrique decides to return one day, I would be happy to step aside and return to work with him. Luis is my friend and that is ahead of any project in life. "


In this way, the coach born in Barcelona makes it clear that he would give up his first job as a technician and assume to be second in the Asturian, something that speaks very well of him and of the esteem he has for his partner.

It is a mystery to know what Gijón will want to do, but the truth is that Robert Moreno has two qualifying matches for the 2020 Eurocup ahead: tonight in Romania and Sunday receiving the Faroe Islands, both commitments at 20: 45h

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