Millicom-Tigo makes the first holographic call in Latin America



Millicom-Tigo demonstrated the potential that 5G technology has in an event in Panama, where it also announced that its operations join those of Cable Onda and Movistas, the latter being the most recent.

"I don't know what we have here, Jaime, I don't know if you are a product of 5G, of fiber optic, if you are here of flesh and blood. If you are holographic or flesh and blood," Ramos said at the beginning of the Call with the Panamanian footballer Jaime Penedo, who was the goalkeeper of the national team in the World Cup Russia 2018.
tigo holographic call.1 (800x600)
The multinational developed an alliance with Ericsson for the deployment of 5G networks. The call is a sample of the scope of such technology.

"Thanks to the # 5G powered by #Ericsson, Panamanian soccer player Penedo Jaime has a real-time holographic call with Mauricio Ramos, CEO of Millicom #TIGO. It is the first call of its kind in the entire region," Ericsson said in its pages officers.

"This call presents a milestone in the history of telecommunications in Latin America," Millicom said in a press release.

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