Miguel Herrera on the fall of last signing of America


The name of Sebastian Cáceres It will not be relevant to Americanism. The Uruguayan defender was close to being a player of the Eagles, however, the conditions of his signing changed at the last minute.

"I told Santiago (Bathrooms, sports president) that (Cáceres) is a good player, but because we need it we are not going to fall so that they catch us as fools, ”explained the coach Miguel Herrera by the fall of the last signing that your squad needs.

The objective to return to the activity of MX League, after the break of FIFA date, was the hiring of three players, one for each line of play. But two were achieved: the Paraguayan midfielder Richard Sanchez and the Uruguayan striker Federico Viñas (loan).

On the failed attempt to bring a defense, the ""Herrera" louse justified that "unfortunately no agreement was reached, suddenly in South America There are people who say yes, you count on that and stop negotiations with others, but at the time they ask for more money or demand other things. "

Concrete case of the zaguero charrúa, who had already said yes to America, to pre-register for MX League before the closing of records (September 5). But everything changed when he Liverpool of Uruguay He changed the pre-agreement.

"We are not willing to negotiate with anyone else about what was said, at the moment they accepted the terms," ​​Helmsman Azulcrema told TV. This afternoon, the America will face the Guadalajara in the so-called Super classic and with ticket sold out in the Soldier field.

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