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The policy, announced in mid-July 16, denies the protection of migrants who crossed through a third country and did not request protection in the latter before continuing on to the US border.

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrad said during the daily press conference offered by President Andrés Manuel López Obrados, that the government of his country does not agree with the policy that will prevent migrants who are not from Mexico or Canada requesting asylum in the borders of the United States.

Mexico has a different asylum policy and would never implement a ruling like the one ordered by the highest US court of justice, he said.

What is it about

Known as the Interim Final Rule (IFR), the policy was enforced after the Trump administration failed to reach agreements with Mexico and Guatemala to make them 'safe third country'.

Trump argues that the majority of migrants who arrive at the border in search of asylum, after fleeing their nations because of violence and poverty, are abusing what they call legal "gaps" in the laws governing asylum.

Among them, the president attacks a 1997 Judicial Agreement that prohibits the deprivation of liberty of minors, and a 2008 law that prohibits the government from quickly deporting minors except from neighboring countries (Mexico or Canada), and requires that Be an immigration judge who solves your futures in the country.

"The situation is getting worse"

The provisional ruling issued by the United States Supreme Court "takes us by surprise from one day to the next," Soraya Vásquez, director of the organization, tells Univision Noticias Families Belong Together , in Tijuana. “This rule had been tried since July and was suspended. But now the Court gives Trump the possibility to execute it while the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals resolves the pending lawsuit, ”he adds.

Vasquez also said that “right now we are consulting with expert lawyers what will happen because we need to measure the consequences. We are not sure if the measure is retroactive, if those who requested asylum before July apply them or only impact those who requested protection after July 16 ”.

“Today we woke up with that big question mark and we don't know how we are going to respond. In Mexico we have more than 42,000 people who were returned after requesting asylum and expect the United States immigration courts to call them, and the Mexican government has more than 23,000 asylum cases underway that nobody knows when they will be resolved, ”he warned.

Months, maybe years

When asked about how long the Mexican immigration authorities are taking time to resolve asylum cases, Vasquez said that "hundreds of Haitian cases that were filed in 2016 are still being processed."

“All this is a blow to the migrants who are here after fleeing their countries to save their lives. We think that Trump's policy is aimed at discouraging them, but that does not take away the causes of the waves of migrants that are escaping, ”he says.

Vásquez also said that “as the number of migrants in Mexico increases and rejections at the US border, the situation worsens. In Mexico there is no institutional infrastructure to serve all these people, the shelters are full, there are no spaces that have the capacity to provide a safe long-term stay, for children to go to school and adults to work. ”

Serious problems

Families Belong Together He also says that “these issues are not resolved. And that the levels of uncertainty, anxiety and mental health of people is serious. "And to this are added kidnappings, robberies and violence that migrants suffer while they wait," Vásquez said.

"This humanitarian crisis is not in public opinion," said the activist. “It does not appear in speeches. Presidents Trump and López Obrador say that everything is under control, congratulations are launched, that they are doing a good job, but in reality the situation on the border is serious, very serious, ”

Vasquez said that “maybe after this many people will return to their countries and few will apply for asylum here. But to ensure that they are protected, the institutions must be strengthened. Meanwhile, we hope that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals will fail and annul the ruling of the Supreme Court. This battle is still being fought, but with a high social cost paid by migrants fleeing in search of asylum. ”

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