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The Minister of Economy and Finance, Carlos Oliva, said today that the National Infrastructure Plan for Competitiveness of Peru has aroused the interest of governments and companies in the United States (USA), Australia and Canada, as well as other countries to participate in the design and execution of the 52 prioritized projects.

"They don't know the number of companies from different countries that are coming to ask us about the Infrastructure Plan and how they can participate through the PMOs," he said.

During the Forum for Competitiveness: Accountability for sustainable growth in Peru, Carlos Oliva said that most of the 52 projects of the National Infrastructure Plan will be designed and executed with the Project Management Office (PMO) or project management offices , which was used in the works of the Pan American and Parapan American Games Lima 2019.

"Naturally we have the presence of the United Kingdom that helped us with the Pan American Games, but a week ago the Secretary of Commerce of the United States was interested in signing a memorandum of understanding to promote that companies of that country come to support with the PMOs" , He said.

"There is also interest from Australia, Canada and other countries that are looking forward to this type of tool that will help us improve the investment opportunity," he said.

“The idea is that, if not all, at least the large number of these projects have a PMO next door, to help them both in design and structuring and in execution. This is a weakness that we have in the Peruvian State, and that we are outsourcing it through these international experts, ”he added.

The minister said that the Infrastructure Plan is an important work that has been carried out since August of last year, when the legislative decree gave rise to the elaboration of this plan.

“The country's competitiveness has no future if we do not improve and do not close the large infrastructure gap we have in our nation. The Infrastructure Plan has helped us to plan, which is one of the great weaknesses of the Peruvian State, ”he said.

"The plan responds to a methodology, for this we have had the contribution of the United Kingdom that has been supporting us since September last year to develop and adapt a methodology that allows prioritizing projects," he added.

Carlos Oliva said that with this methodology the infrastructure gap has been recalculated and is now estimated at about 363,000 million soles, a figure that separates Peru from a developed country.

"We need 49% of the GDP to close this gap, it is a fairly important figure, it is the equivalent of half of our GDP, naturally we have to close it little by little," he said.

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Published: 3/9/2019

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