Mauro Lainez and Verdirame delete photos together after scandal


During the Lima Pan American Games 2019, the Mexican Men's Soccer Team won the bronze medal. However, apparently the Andean country did not only bring victory for the players, it also gave them controversial comments, as the Mexican soccer player Mauro Lainez suffered when he was involved in a sex scandal with the model Shirley Cherres.

And it is that according to statements of the young woman, Mauro Lainez said he was single to meet him, an issue that was false, since the attacker was married to Paulina Verdirame, in addition to having a few months ago a little daughter named Salome.

In an interview, Shirley Cherres confessed that he was upset when he noticed that Mauro Lainez was uploading photographs with Paulina, in which they appeared together on their wedding day and others where they could both be seen carrying Salome, so for this reason he decided to reveal that the player maintained close contact with her.

Paulina Verdirame deletes Instagram photos

It seems that this scandal diminished the relationship Verdirame and Lainez, since in social networks, the region deleted all the snapshots where she was in the company of Mauro Lainez, an issue that showed that the marriage is not going through its best moment or that perhaps they already terminated the bond they maintained.

The only photographs that Paulina decided to keep on the social network are with his three month old daughter and some where her pregnancy is shown, thus eliminating all that existed from the wedding she had with Lainez at the end of 2018 and others where both appeared with Salome.

Similarly, Mauro Lainez chose to delete all the photographs where he appeared with Paulina, However, he decided to put his private Instagram account to avoid negative comments.

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