Marlon, the "handsome natural" of Pueblo Nuevo, admitted with symptoms of dengue


Marlon, the "handsome natural" of Pueblo Nuevo, one of the most popular young Cubans in the world of social networks, has been admitted with dengue symptoms since Thursday, as he shared through Facebook.

The influencer He explained that everything was in a scare and that he would soon be discharged, although he did not lack his usual touch of humor and assured that from now on he was "fire with the mosquito, that he wanted to hit me dengue."

Marlon made his direct from the hospital where he is under observation since 5 in the morning, with a die put, and said that "a samurai does not die like this", in addition to saying goodbye with his popular phrase "fire with ' the world".

The "handsome natural" of Pueblo Nuevo has become a sensation in networks for his charisma, self-confidence and occurrences, and already has more than 58 thousand followers on Instagram. Marlon has not only conquered Cuban Internet users inside and outside the Island, but also many artists, mainly reggaetonists, who have shown him his sympathy in networks, have invited him to his concerts and have even given him financial aid.

A few days ago, Jacob Forever, during a concert in Varadero, invited him to take the stage to celebrate his birthday and gave him 200 CUC in the middle of the show. On an earlier occasion it was The Pichy Boys who sent him a little money for help, which he soon thanked in networks.

Also, the humorist Robertico, dedicated one of his programs to interview the influencer: "Interview with Marlon the Handsome Natural in Cuba tells us that he has slept in a dead box and that he had never had a gold chain. He does not go to school and has been wrapped many times, of which he has won 3 fights. "

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