Lufthansa Changemaker Challenge seeks innovative ideas in Travel and Mobility


                Together with its digital business unit, Lufthansa Innovation Hub, it aims to explore the full potential of travel digitalization

                <p>Another related issue would be sustainable mobility, focusing not only on aviation, but on the entire travel chain.

For this project the aviation company joined with three travel and mobility companies: Expedia Group, Google and Uber.

The ideas presented can vary from solutions that make the ecological impact of the individual transparent during their trip to those that support sustainable decisions during the reservation process and innovative transport technologies.

New start-up companies, students and young professionals from all over the world can participate. Ideas can be submitted online until October 30, 2019.

"Digital innovations can play a fundamental role in creating a more sustainable future for transport. As the field is far from being explored in all its facets, we are joining forces with three industry leaders whose experience and global reach cover all segments of the travel and mobility chain. Combined with the aviation experience of the Lufthansa Group, our common goal is to understand the overall potential of the field through specific ideas from creative minds around the world, "said Gleb Tritus, Managing director of the Lufthansa Innovation Center and judge of the Changemaker challenge.

Applicants can compete in four different categories:

1. "Upgrade to sustainability"

Platforms that consolidate various travel products (flights, hotels, etc.) that currently often lack sustainable options. Travelers need tools, accessories and services that present sustainable alternatives in the planning and booking process.

2. "Disrupt urban mobility"

Urban mobility must be accessible to all citizens and allow them to be mobile, connected and efficient while acting in a sustainable manner. Therefore, ideas that shape the urban mobility landscape with a focus on sustainability are needed.

3. "The good traveler"

Traveling can have negative effects on local communities and the environment. In this category we look for digital solutions that contribute to improving the social and ecological footprint in the travel destination.

4. "Beyond the reservation"

Passengers are usually presented with a carbon offset option during the booking process, but lack that alternative later. In this category, solutions are sought that support sustainable behavior and decision-making throughout the trip, said Emprendedores News.

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