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Last week, Lima Alliance He was the protagonist of a controversy in social networks for a video published in the accounts of one of its main sponsors. The marketing manager, Benjamin Romero, spoke at RPP and explained that the audiovisual material was not approved by any area of ​​the club. Finally, the video, in which the intimate shirt was used as an amulet of the Peruvian National Team, did not cause good criticism and had to be removed.

Now, some days later, Lima Alliance He decided to forget the bad time and go to the fan with a new video, in which he remembers the best players who passed through the institution. Among them, Teófilo Cubillas, César Cueto, Paolo Guerrero, Jefferson Farfán and Pedro Gallese are mentioned.

In addition, reference is made to the team of the Fkker who lost his life and enlutted Peruvian football on December 8, 1987, as well as the fans.

"Let me tell you something about the famous curse. If being one of the best players in the history of world football is a curse (Teófilo Cubillas), if having the most privileged left-hander, able to make even the most painted of the defenders dance (César Cueto), it is a curse, if conquering Europe with a rabbit jump (Víctor Benítez) is a curse, if there is not yet a player (al) who, due to his temper and quality, can call "patron" (José Velásquez) it's a curse … ", is heard in the first part of the video.

After talking about ex-figures of Lima Alliance, reference is made to current players in world football, who have passed through the blue and white box: "… If almost all children want the number 9 shirt of the most beloved warrior in Peru (Paolo Guerrero) is a curse , if the whole world surrenders at your feet for what you have achieved in international football (Claudio Pizarro) it is a curse, if it causes an earthquake of joy, produced by the jump of more than 33 million Peruvians (Jefferson Farfán), for you it is a curse, if being a wall and having dressed the uniform of the National Team more times in your position (Pedro Gallese) is a curse … ".

"If losing a whole generation of cracks and then getting up just like the big ones do is a curse, if having the biggest fan in the country, leaving the throat and also the heart in every game, it's a curse, if being of the team of the people and carrying the white and blue in the heart proud is a curse, then, dear friends, never take this curse from me. I want to be a cursed forever. alliance lifetime".

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