Lavagna: "The international conditions today are better than those of 2002"


The presidential candidate by Federal Consensus, Roberto Lavagna, said tonight that "Argentina needs a government of national unity" to get out of the crisis and considered that "you cannot choose between the bad and the worst."

“We have been eight years, four of this government and four of the previous one, of a total failure. We need to get out of the pendularity between a populism that thinks about distribution without investment and a project that only deals with finances without taking into account production, ”said Lavagna.

Speaking to the Mirtha Legrand program, the economist remarked that "the solution" to the country's problems "cannot be provided by a single political party."

“We need a government of national unity that takes the best of each experience. That sensitivity and efficiency be combined in a productive model, ”said the Federal Consensus applicant.

Lavagna said that the payment of interest rates "is the highest public cost that Argentina has today," and said that "the State cannot be a stupid partner of financial speculation."

“We proposed a food emergency program that could be financed with half a point of interest rates. The speculative funds are those that make a profit with the dramatizations, that's why I think the IMF disbursement will finally come, ”he said.

Lavagna pondered his management as Minister of Economy during the presidencies of Eduardo Duhalde and Néstor Kirchner by highlighting that "there was growth and employment."

"The international conditions today are better than those of 2002. We had a good management and it is not true that the growth of those years was due to a rebound after the crisis of the previous year," he said.


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