Kaillie Humphries would like to compete for the United States


(Calgary) Two-time Olympic bobsleigh champion Kaillie Humphries wants to take part in the competition under the banner of the United States and has filed a lawsuit against Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton for her release.

The Canadian Press

The news was announced Thursday night, according to a report from the CBC network.

Humphries, who helped Canada win Olympic gold in 2010 and 2014 as well as the bronze medal in 2018, filed a harassment complaint against Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton last year. She had not participated in any competition for the country last winter.

According to CBC, Humphries is suing Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton for blocking his release. The 34-year-old did not comment on the news.

Neither Humphries nor Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton disclosed the exact nature of his harassment complaint.

Humphries dominated bobsleigh on the international stage, winning four World Cup titles in six seasons before retiring from the competition.

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