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With the release of Man of Steel in 2013, Warner Bros. and DC embarked on a new adventure on the big screen by introducing a DCEU in the image of the Marvel MCU launched five earlier. Unfortunately, after a successful debut film, the DC Comics universe never fully convinced viewers and critics. Thus, the DCEU has suffered several critical failures (Batman v Superman: The Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad) and a huge commercial couac with his Justice League end of 2017, questioning the whole of the super-heroic franchise in the cinema.

Since then, the ship has been relaunched by the solo adventure ofAquaman, appreciated by critics and became the biggest public success of the DCEU. However, if the feature film about man-fish marked a turning point for Warner and DC, it's nothing next to the earthquake that's the Joker from Todd Phillips (which is not part of the DCEU that said).

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This Joker tells the story of Arthur Fleck, a man despised by society that will gradually become the Joker that the world of comics knows perfectly. Hard to say more about the rise in the horror and madness of the cult character without spoiler multiple sequences. Just can we say that the story that is portrayed in part inspired by two of Joker's flagship comics : Killing Joke and The Man Who Laughs (which we were talking about here).

However, the film writes its own legend by drawing only a few elements to better create its own way. Thus, the new DC project surprises or even amazes in its script choices (a very striking twist) and certainly, there will be a before and after Joker. In detaching from the bow of Killing Joke (The one he comes closest to), Todd Phillips's film offers a creative freedom crazy and limitless.

Opening with a certain poetry, the feature film is sinking as and in the heart of a dance macabre and sinister unpublished. For the first time in the history of cinema, a comic book film dark in a shocking and radical sociopathy, where the brutality is never hidden and the madness put forward (much more than in The Dark Knight Yes).

photo, Joaquin PhoenixThis red that sticks to the skin

It was often criticized for such films as lacking in depth and being content to use the powers of their superhero to create a simple and effective show. It is clear that the Joker does not (super powers) and with special effects invisible and an extremely rare action, the strength of the film is elsewhere. In this, Joker is an earthquake in comics cinema the original story of the famous Gotham clown comes out of the pop, casual, spectacular and frivolous genre of movies (Marvel and the last DC in mind) to plunge us into a dark, bloody, violent and relevant nightmare.

Unlike the latest comic superhero movies, Joker offers deep and profound reflection on American society, the power of the media and political elites. The movie is a violent fire that returns the American dream to better turn it into an anarchic nightmare. At this level, the film is in fact, as its trailers imply, very close to two masterpieces by Martin Scorsese: Taxi Driver and The waltz of the puppets. The Joker of Joaquin Phoenix could also be seen as a hybrid of the two anti-heroes who compose them with radicalism drawn to the extreme.

photo, Joaquin PhoenixA terrifying uncontrolled laughter


On the other hand, there were legitimate fears that Todd Phillips, the director of the trilogy Very Bad Trip to the unhelpful CV, at the helm of such an ambitious project. Very badly we took it so much it offers a feature film bluffing mastery which several sequences will mark a long time by their sense of rhythm and narration. The first scene of the subway is a little lesson of staging, playing perfectly lights, cutting and the imposing music of Hildur Guðnadóttir to create a tension going crescendo before exploding in a raging saving for his main character.

Of course, Todd Phillips does not achieve a faultless and we could point fingers at many of his choices. Thus, its staging is sometimes too poseuse and plays too slow. Beyond that, an arc of the story, even if it is not totally devoid of interest in what it says about America and Arthur Fleck, is also very superfluous as it progresses. Finally, probably gnawed by the dilemma of firmly closing his film or opening the possibility of a franchise, the director also has trouble finishing his footage without zigzagging.

Small streaks that prevent the Joker to be a totally perfect film despite the impeccable performance of its main performer: Joaquin Phoenix.

Joaquin Phoenix PhotoA few minutes from a memorable scene


Indeed, it is impossible not to dwell on the outstanding performance of the actor in the skin of Arthur Fleck and future Joker, as it is the breath, the soul and the raison d'être of the feature film. With the impressive career he has forged in over 20 years, Joaquin Phoenix has nothing to prove to the world about his acting qualities. Yet again, he succeeds in a tour de force.

If the comparison with Heath Ledger will be inevitable over time, the Joker of Joaquin Phoenix is ​​very different. The latter is revealed above all a pathetic and despicable man who only grows by accident. Thus, the comedian offers a juggling interpretation between pity and dementia, carried by mesmerizing dancing flights and an uncontrollable laughter. simultaneously causing a feeling of compassion and terror in the viewer. And it is only after a final appearance of the anti-hero that the latter will definitely plunge into a feeling of disgust and horror, when Arthur Fleck disappears forever under the features and the spirit of a Cruel and macabre joker. Fort.

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