Javier Aguirre denied receiving money for match-fixing in Spain


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The Mexican coach Javier Aguirre He was called to testify at the trial for match fixing that he has against him Real Zaragoza, club he directed in the season 2010-11.

On that occasion the Saragossa defeated the I raised and stayed in First division, condemning the Deportivo La Coruña to the descent Therefore, an investigation was initiated against the Maño team.

The "Basque" is one of the main designated because it ensures that he received money from the then president of the institution, Agapito Iglesias. The sum amounts to 90 thousand euros paid in two deposits, which Aguirre He denied, then, that he said he returned that amount; also He accused Iglesias of abuse of trust.

"(Agapito) he told me in a training that I was going to receive a premium and I said no, that the premiums were in my contract and that I was going to return it. I didn't get anything from the bank. I signed the bank boy blank, I've always done it that way and maybe there was an overconfidence on my part and an abuse of trust from the other party"He said.

Aguirre stressed that he returned all the money, reaffirming that he did not dispose of it at any time. The technician also reiterated that he was never involved in a match size. "There is no possibility, zero, there is no way," he said.

“I signed that white document but that document does not say that I extracted the money from the bank. The lord of the bank tells me that everything is fixed by phone and that the money. That account was sometimes checked to see the balance. From time to time he went to the bank, signed blank documents. That's why I'm here, for Overconfidence", He said.

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