JAS has 7-8.5 billion profit left after selling assets to JASIF. There will definitely be a special dividend !!


Ms. Saijai Ketsin, Acting Chief Executive Officer of Jasmine International Public Company Limited or JAS, revealed that on this day (25 Sep 19) shareholders have approved the Triple T company. Broadband Public Company Limited (TTTBB) sold assets to the Broadband Internet Infrastructure Fund (JASIF), which is 700,000 core fiber-glass optical fiber kilometers, worth approximately 38,000 million baht.

While TTTBB will rent the said assets from the Fund Coming to provide further service Along with the extension of the original lease agreement for the main fiber optic property And additional fiber optic asset lease agreements, including the subscription of newly issued investment units of the Fund

Ms. Saijai said that the company is preparing to use the proceeds from the sale of additional optical fiber fibers to the Fund, worth approximately 38 billion baht, to repay the short-term loan (Bridge loan) used to reserve investment units. Of the fund, pay expenses and fees Related to the said transaction, such as financial advisor fees Legal counsel, etc., pay various taxes Relating to all such transactions

Along with repaying the company's debt And the Group, such as loans from financial institutions Trade payables And other creditors as well as paying special dividends to the shareholders of the company From existing retained earnings Initially, it is expected to close the financial statements before being able to proceed.

In addition, the company will invest in expanding the FTTX network or Fiber Optic network to cover all 3.3 million users by the year 63, from the current 1.5 million users to provide additional services such as IPTV services consisting of Linear TV channels with content covering entertainment, movies, sports series from Hollywood, Korean, Chinese, and others, with a variety of video-on-demand VODs supporting 4K, T- Commerce or TV shopping services And advertising services that reach consumer behavior (Targeted advertising service)

Previously, the company A memorandum of understanding (MOU) has been signed with KT Corporation (KT) from South Korea and Mono Technology Public Company Limited or MONO as a technology partner and strategic consultant for the IPTV business. And should be able to provide services in the first quarter or the second quarter or expected in the second quarter that the business is expected to create significant growth in the future In which the company targets revenue from the IPTV business approximately 3-4 billion baht / year And placing an investment budget of 5 billion baht / year

For the sale of the additional Optical Fiber Properties to the Fund, the Company expects a profit from the said sales of approximately 10 billion baht (not yet deducting the cost of reserving the newly issued investment units of the Fund. ), But after deducting the said expenses, it is expected to have a profit of 7-8.5 billion baht

However, the company will subscribe for the newly issued investment units of the fund. According to the proportion of investment units held by the Company in the fund, which the company may subscribe for new investment units in excess of the allotted rights In which the company will reserve the investment units Not exceeding 33% of the total investment units of the fund After the capital increase

Ms. Saichai added that the company evaluated the additional leased assets from the Fund. And the extension of the main lease agreement for the original main fiber optic property lease Will result in the Group having an annual rental burden of around 10 billion baht. However, with the Group's consistent operating performance at a consistently good level, it is believed that all rental fees under the relevant agreements can be paid. Throughout the rental contract By not adversely affecting the financial status And the results of operations of the group companies

The company has set a target of total revenue to grow to 30 billion baht in year 67, from the target of year 63, revenue will grow by 20-25% from this year, with a revenue of no less than 20 billion baht while 2018 has Income of 21.2 billion baht is in line with the goal of expanding the customer base to 4 million in the next 5 years from the current 3.3 million.

As for the issue that Mr. Pete Potaramik, the chairman of the board and director of the company, has requested to resign After the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) implemented the civil sanction, the JAS Group confirmed that it did not affect the operation. And fund operations Due to having a strong service team Have a long working experience

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