It went viral: the awkward mishap with the seat that afflicted a cyclist in the Tour of Spain | sports


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Spanish cyclist Mikel Bizkarra is being the subject of conversation on social networks because of the unusual and uncomfortable mishap that he suffered in stage 16 of the Tour of Spain 2019.

What happened? It turns out that the European athlete he lost his seat in the middle of the competition and could not sit back down for several kilometers until his team came to his rescue.

The complicated situation was captured by the cameras of the official transmission of the Hispanic contest, which left in evidence the excessive effort that Bizkarra had to make compared to the rest of his teammates, when the race still had 28 kilometers of competition left.

Although at the moment there is no clarity regarding the reason that generated the failure, it was known that this occurred when the European was among the short breaks before starting the final ascent and, standing on the pedals, his saddle fell to the ground.

Despite this small detail the Spanish athlete managed to finish stage 16 of the contest in the seventh location, somewhat below the exponent of the Deceunink-Quick Step, Philippe Gilbert, who stayed with the first place of the circuit that was played between Aranda de Duero and Guadalajara.

Check out the awkward moment below:

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